Career milestones 

  • Foundation and establishing of Dr. Monika Clausen & Netzwerkpartner 
  • Long years of experience with the management responsibilities of heading a Human Resource Shared Services Department in a global company, including project management activities in implementing a new HRMS solution 
  • Senior consultant in Executive Search, with focus on highly qualified people 
  • Many years of experience as scientist in biotechnology research 

Basic education and advanced training 

  • Refresher in coaching 
  • Courses in group dynamics and Züricher Ressourcen Model 
  • Certified Belbin Team Roles 
  • Licensed Intercultural Awareness Profiler  
  • Social competences are learnable  
  • Coach for competence profiling  
  • Solution-focused brief coaching  
  • SVEB Certification: Didactics-Methodology in andragogy  
  • Leadership and people management training  
  • Business Analyst  
  • Bachelor of Business Administration  
  • PhD in Plant Biotechnology  
  • Master degree in Biology  






Monika Clausen


Dr. Monika Clausen

What is important for me?

- Hands-on and easy to apply solutions

- Careful and at the same time structured approach

- Relaxed and humorous working attitude


And us stands for the TransitionWeavers